Handmade Honey Cinnamon Treats - 4 oz. Bags

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Our handmade gourmet training treats are small square bites that are perfect for training or small dogs!

• Since we do not use any chemicals or preservatives, our treats will be more on the crunchy side. Soft treats require preservatives to prevent mold and rancidity.

• We bake our treats to remove the majority of moisture, as moisture equals mold.

Occasionally, we will have a batch that molds, but we guarantee all our products and are happy to send replacements should this occur.

Flour Blend (Buckwheat Flour*, Blanched Almond Flour, Potato Starch*, Arrowroot Flour) Honey*, Canola Oil, Egg, Flaxseed*, Cinnamon* Vanilla*
*= Oraganic

SHELF LIFE: Since we do not use any chemicals or preservatives in our treats, much like human baked goods, they will have a limited shelf life. We recommend keeping treats refrigerated to extend their shelf life and freshness. Here is a general shelf life guideline: • No refrigeration – up to 3-4 weeks • Refrigerated – up to 8 weeks • Frozen – up to 6 months

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