Mushroom Treats Calm Vitality (CBD Full Spectrum)

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Lazarus Naturals Calm and Vitality CBD Dog Treats are the perfect way to keep your dog healthy and happy. These treats are made with Full Spectrum CBD, Turmeric, Reishi, and Lions Mane Mushrooms, all of which have beneficial properties. The Full Spectrum paired with the Medicinal mushroom helps calm and relax your dog, while the mushrooms help boost their vitality.

Calm + Vitality CBD Dog Treats combine full-spectrum hemp extract with functional (and tasty) ingredients like organic sweet potato, reishi and lion's mane mushrooms, and curcumin. They are crafted to provide joint support, inflammation relief, and a sense of overall well-being. Perfect for days so beautiful, one lap around the block just isn't enough.


    Contains 5mg of CBD per treat
    Ingredients: Organic Pumpkin Powder, Organic Garbanzo Bean Flour, Water, Glycerin, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, Organic Lion's Mane Extract Powder, Organic Reishi Extract Powder, Organic Peanut Butter, Phosphoric Acid, Natural Flavor, Organic Turmeric Extract, Sodium Bicarbonate, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract. Contains: Tree Nuts (Coconut), Peanuts. Manufactured in a facility that processes fish.

    Each treat contains 5mg of full spectrum, hemp-derived CBD. Give one serving every 6-10 hours as needed based on the weight of your pet. We suggest starting at the lower end and increasing to accommodate your dog’s individual needs. Do not exceed 3 servings per day. 1-10lbs = .5 treats 10-20lbs = .5-1 treats 20-40lbs = 1-2 treats 40-60lbs = 2-3 treats 60-80lbs = 3-4 treats 80-100lbs = 4-5 treats 100-150lbs = 5-8 treats

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